Follow the conscious lifestyle

Because we don’t only live with but also for our environment

It has always been our dream to create a sustainable vacation home base for like-minded people. A home for a certain time, where time does not really matter. With FRAU GANS this vision became a concept that got not only a name, but also a clear line representing our values. It’s our aim to share these values with you and give you the opportunity to reconnect with nature again.

eco-friendly & relaxed. conscious & simple. appreciative & grateful

Is it all just a front?

No, but talking about front: Lately, we’ve renovated the FRAU GANS house with a thermic building refurbishment and external thermal insulation. Moreover, we changed all windows to triple glazing and installed a new photovoltaic system on top.

Furthermore, we put great emphasis on using natural materials, worked with creative upcycling and implemented a lightning system with LED technology.

Take a more relaxed approach

Traveling eco-consciously and in a relaxed manner at the same time, is simply a great idea. Be eco-friendly and opt for carbon-neutral means of travel such as bus, train, bike or even hiking.

To appreciate your sustainable journey, we give a 10% discount on your overnight stay.

See things more clearly

Why carry water bottles when our mountain water is so precious? Get refreshment directly from the tap and use the SodaStream in your apartment to turn it into purest fizzy mountain water.

Our tip: Sparkling mountain water refined with homemade syrup such as ginger, mint and elder with a leaf of mint from the garden – a real treat!

No waste at all

For a stylish shopping trip or tomorrow’s outdoor adventures – in our zero waste shop you can find handy lunch boxes, fancy shopping bags and cool drinking bottles. Once purchased, these goodies are precious companions on all your ways.

The best thing about it: You make a decision for zero waste and a conscious interaction with Mother Earth.

Everything is energy

Nature gifts us with so many, valuable resources and provides us with manifold forms of energy. We capture one of them with our new photovoltaic system and use it to energize the e-charging station for your car.

Of course, your e-bikes aren’t left with empty batteries after an eventful day in the mountains and can recharge overnight in the lockable bike cellar so that they are ready for the next day.

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