pure mountain apartments Saalbach Hinterglemm

A vacation at FRAU GANS is more than just a break from everyday life. It is consciously escaping from the monotony of everyday life and immersing into the present moment. Relaxed and released. In close touch with nature and timeless. Casual and entirely without pressure – because we don’t know stress and fixed times. Instead, you will find plenty of space for your privacy and time for the really important things in life. Be your own vacation and time manager and do what you want, when you want.

private & carefree. pure & relaxed. natural & so cozy.

Enjoy your vacation naturally

A clean conscience is a good pillow. Enjoy. Easy, natural and authentic. That’s what it’s all about – and that’s what we have in mind when we select products for our zero-waste shop.

Relaxed living

Arrive and leave your sorrows behind, move in and relax, you don’t have to worry about anything – would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Follow the conscious lifestyle

With the strong belief that we don’t only live with but also for our environment, we have given FRAU GANS a consistent, clear line that reflects our values.

So close to nature

go out & explore

The central yet quiet location of FRAU GANS in Hinterglemm is the ideal base for any sporty, active or relaxing experience in the great outdoors. Set off and go your own way, return and make yourself at home - at FRAU GANS you are always close or among yourselves.

Just as you like it.

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